If you have purchased a costly tablet, computer, iPhone or Android, then you may not wish to spend more money on buying antivirus software. But the thing is, you have to secure your system data from viruses, malware, and other common threats. you should download purchase the Norton antivirus either from the online or offline method and activate the purchased product with the activation key at norton.com/setup.

norton setup

How to Uninstall the Norton Setup?

In case you are having the older version of Norton setup and you wish to get its updated version on the system, then you do not have to worry about it’s uninstall procedure. Just follow the uninstall procedure mentioned below to get more improved protection from the Norton antivirus. Ensure that you have completely uninstalled the Norton setup from the system by going to the “Control Panel.”

•    By going to the menu, click the “Windows key and R key” together and after that, tap on the “Enter” button on your keyboard.

•    Below the “All Programs” or “Programs or “Options” column, choose the Norton product which you wish to uninstall it from the system.

•    Once you had decided right-click on the selected “Norton product” and after that, tap on the “Uninstall” button.

•    Let the uninstallation procedure get completed.

How to Download the Norton Setup?

The downloading procedure can be started when you have purchased the Norton product either from the retail store or from its site. Start the downloading procedure of Norton antivirus so that your system data gets protected with this antivirus. Follow the steps listed below for downloading the Norton setup:

•    Firstly, you have to connect to the good speed of Wi-Fi network on the system where you wish to download the Norton setup.

•    Once you had connected to the Wi-Fi network, go to the internet browser on the computer.

•    Then, enter the Norton website link www.norton.com/setup in the default internet browser.

•    After that, you have logged in to the account which you had created in Norton website.

•    If you are already the registered users of Norton, then you do not have to create an account again, simply enter the linked email address and password on the sign in page.

•    Choose the “Country” and “Language” and tap on the “Download” option provided on the Norton website for starting its download procedure.

•    Let the download procedure gets completed on the system.

How to Install the Norton Setup?

Installation is the procedure which cannot be fulfilled without downloading the Norton product on the system. Here are the steps mentioned below to get to know about its installation steps:

•    Launch the download file in the computer and click twice on the downloaded setup to move to its installation procedure.

•    Then, follow the guidelines and agree on terms and conditions of installing Norton setup.

•    After that, tap on the “Next” option to begin the installation procedure on the system.

•    Once you had read all the guidelines carefully, and then you have to wait until the Norton product installation procedure gets completed.

•    In the last, tap on the “Finish” option located on the Norton installation webpage.

How to Activate the Norton setup?

Activate the Norton setup with the activation key provides in the registered email address or inside the CD of Norton setup. Go through the steps mentioned below to begin its activation procedure:

•    Firstly, tap on the “start” option and after that, press on the downloaded installed Norton setup.

•    Then, press on the “Activate now” option.

•    After that, you will receive the identification code on the registered email address or inside the Norton setup CD cover.

•    Note that activation key and type it into the given column.

•    Then, tap on the “Activate Now” option.

•    After that, follow the guidelines listed on the Norton activate page for completing the activation procedure on the system.