When you download Norton antivirus on your Mac, Windows, iPhone or Android, you feel free to use any online websites without worrying about the thefts, downloading any images or videos without damaging your installed programs and can save your personal details for further use without any hesitation all because of Norton software. To get Norton antivirus on your device, enter the product key at norton.com/setup to activate and start using it.

norton setup

How to Downloading Norton Setup?

Downloading the Norton antivirus can be done after purchasing the Norton product whichever you want to. The purchasing process can be done with both the online or offline way. Remember to note the activation key before start downloading the setup. Here’s how:

•    Go to the browsing software and enter the link of Norton set up in the above bar that is www.norton.com/setup.

•    Hit the “Sign In” option that you will get at the upper right-hand side of the Norton main page.

•    Type the required items which are your email address and password linked with the Norton software and tap on the “Log in” button.

•    Make an account in case you are not registered member of the Norton or you are downloading the Norton antivirus on the first time on your Mac or Windows.

•    To make a new account you have to press on the “Sign Up” button and type the email address, birth date, gender and make sure that your password should be strong enough.

•    After creating an account. You will get the two options on your Mac or Windows display that are to download on default computer or download on the other computer.

•    You have to select any one option which is mentioned above.

•    Then, click the “Agree & Download” button.

•    In case the users like to download many Norton products on their Mac or Windows, they have to choose the “Norton products” whichever they like to download, and then click the “Next” option.

•    In case the users wish to download the Norton antivirus on their other system, click the option “send a download link.”

•    Once you click on the above-mentioned option, the downloaded URL will be sent to your email address which is registered with the Norton.

•    Permit the download procedure to complete.

How to Installing Norton Setup?

Installing the Norton antivirus cannot be done without going through its download process, after following the above-mentioned steps. move to the installation steps that are given below:

•    After the Norton setup gets downloaded on the system, the users need to click on the Norton setup which is already downloaded on their system.

•    They will get the downloaded setup by going to the documents folder and then downloads folder located in the start menu.

•    In case the downloaded Norton setup does not start the installation process automatically, open the “Toolbar” pull-down menu and find the “Norton setup” symbol.

•    Click twice on the “Norton setup” symbol after finding it and let the Norton setup to gets open.

•    Once the Norton setup gets opened, then you will get the terms and conditions page on your system screen.

•    Read all the terms and conditions so that you can move to its installation process.

•    Press “I agree” button given on the Norton installation window.

•    Give permission to start the installation procedure of Norton antivirus.

•    Press the “Next” option.

•    The installing process of Norton antivirus is getting started.

How to Activating Norton Antivirus?

Steps are listed below for the activation process and you need to enter the 25-digit alphanumeric product key before start using the Norton antivirus. Here’s how:

•    Open the device where you wish to activate the Norton antivirus.

•    Click on the installed “Norton setup” symbol.

•    Open the mail received by Norton for the activation key.

•    Additionally, find the activation key at the purchased compact disk.

•    Then, type the 25-digit alphanumeric Norton activation key in the provided section.

•    Tap on the “Activate” option.

•    Correctly, go through on the screen instructions so that you can complete the Activating procedure of Norton antivirus.